How Do You Play the Ohio Lottery Game Rolling Cash?


Rolling Cash 5 replaced Buckeye 5 in October 2004, and remains an increasingly popular daily lotto game. Players select five numbers between 1 and 39 using either Quick Pick or their own numbers; bets cost $1. The top prize estimated is estimated to be an estimated $250,000 prize with odds of winning one in 575,757.

Ohio Lottery (OHL) is located in Columbus and operates from its downtown headquarters. Employing over 300 staffers, and boasting assets exceeding $1.5 billion. Being part of Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL). Additionally, the company boasts its own marketing team which promotes games and services. Furthermore, there is also a customer service center which is available 24 hours a day to answer inquiries from prize recipients and answer their inquiries about their rewards. The Ohio lottery’s website features an FAQ section that answers frequently asked questions, is free for public access and offers mobile apps for its products and services. Furthermore, social media accounts of this lottery boast over 70,000 Twitter followers and nearly 40,000 likes on Facebook with updates regarding lottery’s latest events and news.

Ohio offers three lottery games to its residents: Mega Millions is an immensely popular choice due to the 1 in 302,575,350 odds of winning its jackpot prize pool, making it very appealing. Furthermore, Ohio lottery allows its players to purchase only tickets that pertain to this grand prize level instead of buying all available ticket levels at once.

Ohioans enjoy playing Powerball lottery game. With odds of one in 145 million of winning the jackpot and 44 states across America participating, including Ohio.

Rolling Cash 5 offers not only a top prize of over $2 Million but also offers an alternative jackpot prize pool of up to a Million dollars should all numbers match perfectly – perfect as an alternative to Mega Millions which has reached over $15 Billion before! Although odds may not be as great, but chances of success still exist and will vary from game to game.

Ohio Lottery Game Rolling Cash offers daily draw jackpots that start at $100,000 and offers excellent overall odds. There are multiple ways to win with an estimated top prize jackpot of $250,000 which could even reach higher depending on ticket sales and winning tickets per drawing; additionally there are eight other prizes which players may win by matching fewer numbers in each drawing.

Ohio Lottery, operated under state contract through the Ohio Department of Education, serves to generate funds for education and other public purposes by awarding scholarships and grants, while offering various games and services to customers.

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